Join Kupa Ktana – NIF Australia’s New Gen Giving Circle

Thanks for signing up to join NIF Australia New Gen giving circle, Kupa Ktana.

By signing up, you’ll join with other young Jewish professionals from around Australia as we pool our resources together and make a $5,000 grant to one of NIF’s flagship projects.

Join us on Zoom on Wednesday 20 April at 7:30pm as we hear about the projects and choose the winner together! (You can add the link + details to your calendar by clicking this link.)

This round our projects will focus on some of the most crucial social justice issues raised in Israel today:

  • Fostering Jewish-Arab partnership through Tzedek (Justice) Centres, to strengthen shared society with Hashomer Hatzair – The seventh in the network of centres, the new Ramle hub will bring together young Jewish and Arab leaders from the city, give them the skills and tools to work together for a brighter future, easing tensions in the city to get them out of the cycle of violence and marginalisation, to ultimately serve as leaders in Ramle and Israel more broadly.
  • Combatting racism and police discrimination against Ethiopian Jews with Tebeka – Tebeka works to ensure not only that police are held accountable for their discrimination against the Ethiopian-Israeli community, but fights to change policies that uphold systemic racism, such as outlawing the police practice of arbitrary ID request (a tool used for racial profiling).
  • Ensuring that both Jewish and non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees have equal access to social services and security in Israel with Hotline for Migrant Workers and Refugees – since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, 11,000 Ukrainian refugees who are not eligible for immigration under the Law of Return have reached Israel. Roughly 6,000 of them are relatives of Israeli citizens, and the rest are refugees who have no direct family members in Israel. The Israeli government has continued to change its policy on how many non-Jewish refugees it will accept, what their status will be, and what kind of rights they will be given upon arriving, and up until now, the unprecedented public support for the refugees has led to unparalleled protection to those refugees. The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is fighting to ensure all non-Jewish refugees do not fall through the cracks and are given the proper rights that would allow them to flourish and not fall victim to exploitation or human trafficking.
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